Scaff Installation

Our scaffolding team provide top quality construction services that are in line with all the relevant health and safety regulations. At Ainscaff, we have completed every scaffolding job you could think of. Our team of scaffolding engineers can install many different scaffolding styles of varying complexity. These can range from Kwikstage scaffolding- which for the most part is industry standard in Ireland, and is very simple to install- to Tube and Fitting scaffolding which we use with projects that may require more of a bespoke fit. While Kwikstage is in general much easier and quicker to install, our Tube and Fittings installations are utilized when a more versatile and adaptable scaffold is needed. We also specialise in many more types of scaffolding such as Cuplock Scaffolding and Plus Eight Scaffolding. Our team can construct each one of these styles of scaffolding to suit the project they are working on.</p> <p>

Our team understands the needs and wants of each project, tailoring our constructions to suit each site. The skilled engineers that make up our team can take on any job that is thrown at them and will have it executed with perfection and efficiency. Our fully trained and skilled operatives can cater for all your scaffolding needs. Our projects range from the smallest jobs, facilitating minor repair works to larger projects such as industrial units, academic constructions such as schools and colleges, apartment blocks and roofing.</p> <p>Choosing to go with Ainscaff will provide you with the services of our skilled team of scaffolding engineers, who take pride in their work and ensure the regular practice of quality and safety. When it comes to employing the service of a scaffolding company, the last thing you want to do is skimp on quality. By working with Ainscaff, you’ll have the knowledge and peace of mind that your projects will be aided by no nonsense, exceptional quality scaffolding.<br />