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About Us

Ainscaff Scaffolding is your one-stop solution for all scaffolding needs across Ireland. We offer a comprehensive service, which includes the supply and delivery of scaffolding for a range of projects encompassing DIY self-build, re-roofing, pharmaceutical, industrial and trade contracts. Our focus is solely on scaffolding, ensuring no distractions or competing interests. We employ only fully trained staff to guarantee a professional service. Our commitment is to collaborate with you in providing the most effective solution tailored to your project’s requirements.


Our Mission

At Ainscaff, our objective is straightforward – to deliver top-notch scaffolding services that our clients are entitled to. Our proficient team of scaffolding engineers consistently offers a high-standard service, enabling you to focus on the core aspects of your projects. The blend of our experience, skills and exceptional pride in what we do assures you peace of mind when you select us. We handle every project with utmost seriousness, irrespective of the contract size. We strive to offer a service that never fails to satisfy our clients..

Scaffolding Installation

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