AinScaff Scaffolding temporary roofs enable us to offer full weather protection and containment throughout the duration of your project. Our temporary roof installations provide our clients with a high degree of versatility and can encompass wide roof spans and complex professional applications.

The use and installation of a temporary roof can enable workers to carry on within a comfortable working environment and maintain high levels of productivity, regardless of any weather conditions that may otherwise hinder progress. Temporary roofs are in many cases an essential part of a major project or new build contract. Our temporary roofing provides protection against things like weather and dust, as well as other things you may not think of like noise on construction and industrial sites.

temporary roofs

The use of a temporary roof can be a great idea in cases where there is concern about potential weather hazards impairing the progress of a project. It can be a welcome addition to a scaffolding construction and can mitigate a lot of weather related risk. Temporary roofs can also be very useful in cases where shelter is needed at public events. Weather in Ireland is unpredictable at best, so having our skilled team of scaffolding engineers install a temporary roof can oftentimes be advisable across many different construction sites.

Our inspections are made possible by the depth of knowledge our scaffolding engineers have, by understanding every piece and every process that goes into constructing each section of scaffolding. The inspections are carried out at the erection and deconstruction of each scaffold, as well as at regular points during the life of each scaffold. Each scaffold should also be inspected after adverse weather conditions such as high winds or heavy rain, to ensure the structural integrity of the construction is of a high level.

Our inspections prevent against a multitude of scaffold related accidents such as falls, falling objects, structural instability, electrocution, and overloading. When you entrust us with the construction, inspection, or maintenance of your scaffolding you are gaining a wealth of scaffolding knowledge that is unparalleled in Ireland. Ainscaff’s focused is completely trained on scaffolding and because of this we are able to supply a high level of service and quality, thanks in part to our product specialisation.

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Frequently asked questions

The assembly Time Depends on the Size and Complexity of the Temporary Roof. However, Modern Systems, Like the Ones We Offer, Are Designed for Quick and Efficient Installation. Trained Professionals Can Typically Set Up a Temporary Roof Promptly. For more particular details contact us.

Yes, Temporary Roofs Can Be Customized to Fit the Specific Requirements of Different Construction Projects. This Includes Adjusting the Size, Shape, and Configuration to Accommodate Various Structures and Layouts.

Temporary Roofs Are Primarily Designed for Short to Medium-Term Use. However, They Can Be Used for Extended Durations with Proper Maintenance and Periodic Inspections to Ensure Structural Integrity and Safety. For more particular details contact us.