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Your one-stop shop for scaffolding in Ireland We offer a professional service, producing and shipping the scaffold needed for scaffolding any project, including do-it-yourself projects, industrial projects, re-roofing, pharmaceutical projects, and trade contracts. Ainscaff Scaffolding exclusively utilises fully trained direct staff and has a single goal: scaffolding. There are no competing objectives or distractions at this company. We collaborate with you to ensure that we are providing the greatest comprehensive solution for the demands of your project.

At Ainscaff scaffolding provide our clients with high-quality scaffolding services.

Scaffolding Hire


In Ireland, Ainscaff Scaffolding has extensive expertise in developing and building scaffolding systems. We make sure all safety requirements are satisfied while also being steadfast, trustworthy, and dedicated to excellence. Call us right now to get your project going.


Ainscaff Scaffolding specialises in the provision and installation of scaffolding solutions for any size project, from residential to commercial. Our fittings are tested to meet Irish and European standards, and we work hard to go above and beyond all safety regulations.

Scaffolding Installation
Scaffolding Installation


Weekly inspections of the scaffolding should be done after inclement weather. Our top aim is to ensure everyone working at a height is safe. Additionally, scaffolding needs to be examined both after installation and before usage. Dial Delta Scaffolding at this time.

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