Layher scaffolding is one of our many different types of scaffolding service and construction that we provide. It is an incredibly safe, tried and tested type of scaffolding that is just one of the select few styles of scaffolding that are industry standard today in Ireland. At Ainscaff, we maintain the value and quality that was introduced by Layher and hold ourselves to the highest standard while working with Layher scaffolding supplies and Layher scaffolding systems.

Layher Allround® Scaffolding is centred on the highly versatile Allround Connector, which features a ‘rosette’ welded onto the upright component that can safely and securely accommodate eight individual connections.

Developed for one-man assembly, irrespective of height, scaffolds can be constructed in three dimensions from each rosette. Ledgers or transoms are connected at right angles with additional components then added at a choice of angles. Installations are automatically centred and correctly located for safe assembly. Aluminium material means low weight eases transportation and handling, while a hot-dipped galvanised steel option opens up an even wider range of installation opportunities.

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Frequently asked questions

Layher scaffolding is a modular and versatile scaffolding system known for its high-quality materials and innovative design. It provides a safe and efficient solution for various construction projects. For more particular details contact us

Layher scaffolding is modular and quick to assemble, providing significant time savings compared to traditional scaffolding methods. It is also known for its lightweight yet durable components.

Layher scaffolding is suitable for a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure construction. Its versatility makes it adaptable to various structures and configurations. For more particular details contact us